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How to Take Care of your Heat Pump

Whether you are thinking about getting a new heat pump, have had one recently installed, or have had one for years, its important that you know how to take care of it to ensure it is always running safely and effectively.

This short blog will walk you through some of the ways that you can keep your unit operating as intended.

1) Schedule Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Like most machinery, your heat pump should be scheduled for routine maintenance and cleaning by a professional on a regular basis. We recommend scheduling a cleaning 1-2 times a year for units located in residential spaces, and 2-4 times a year for units located in business or industrial spaces such as restaurants or workshops.

While your heat pump is being cleaned, the technician should be able to run a standard diagnosis on the machine to determine if there are any other issues taking place with other components of the machine such as the fan, remote, or motors.


Many homes don't have a surge protector installed with their heat pump to protect against power surges. It is highly recommended that you have one installed to avoid electrical issues. In many cases, defects caused as a result of a power surge are not covered by warranties, leaving the customer responsible to pay for the repair or replacement of their unit. Homes in areas that are susceptible to frequent power outages are especially exposed to the potential of a power surge.


It is important that you do not block or obstruct your outdoor condenser. A common mistake in areas that get frequent snowfall is shoveling or blowing snow in the direction of the outdoor unit. In order to ensure that your heat pump is running efficiently, maintain a clear air way outdoors.


Keep track of your unit's performance over time. If you notice issues such as faulty remote, decreased airflow or unusual noises, have a professional take a look. Having a professional take care of any problems ensures that there is no larger issues to be concerned about.

By following the tips above, you can maximize the effectiveness of your heat pump. However, if you are ever experiencing issues, Clean Air Atlantic is always here to provide the support you need or answer any of your questions.

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