Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my heat pump blowing as hard as it used to ?

In most cases your heat pump is probably very dirty and therefore the air-flow can become restricted. Once the barrel fan has been properly cleaned, the air flow should increase significantl and in severe cases - double. The barrel fan has up to 400 small fan blades on it. Once the lead edge of each blade gets a buildup of dirt and mold attached it simply becomes inefficient. Disassembly and y cleaning of the fan will eliminate this problem.

Why does my heat pump rattle when I turn it on ?

Usually this is due to the blower fan (drum) being out of balance. A buildup of contaminants on a drum will cause this over time. A servicing by one of our qualified technicians will solve this problem.

Why does my heat pump smell when I turn it on ?

A smelly heat pump is a dirty one. A really bad odour can be caused by bacteria or fungi growing in the condensate tray and drain. This will need to be cleaned and flushed with an antibacterial wash. Our team can give your unit a thorough cleaning and sanitizing which should do the trick.

Why does our power consumption seem to be getting higher ? I thought heat pumps were supposed to be more efficient.

Short answer is they are, but like any piece of equipment, heat pumps require care and maintenance. The problem is that the coil is probably dirty and becoming blocked, especially if it has never been cleaned. This causes the unit to work a lot harder. Often you will increase the temperature and fan speed to compensate and this leads to higher energy consumption and "higher bills". A "proper" cleaning by one of our technicians should resolve this.

I hear heat pumps are making people sick, is this true?

Heat Pumps are great as a cost effective heating alternative for your home, however you must also be aware of the potential for mould growth and buildup. Anytime that you combine heat, moisture and darkness - you have the potential for mould growth. As dust and other particles accumulate and build up, so does the probability of mould in your unit. A regular cleaning from Clean Air Atlantic will help keep your air clean.

How often should I clean my heat pump?

As a minimum, it is recommended that you have your heat pump cleaned at least once a year. Whereas heat pumps simply recirculate the air within your house, you may want to consider additional cleaning if you have a heavier concentration of airborne particles from a wood stove or other heat source, multiple pets and if you smoke in your house.

I heard that all you need is to do is to clean your filters regularly. Is that true?

While it is good to clean the filters every 2-3 months, they only capture the larger particles in the air. Other airborne allergens can accumulate in the unit which can spread thoughout the house when in use.

After the cooling cycle excess moisture can build up in the condensate tray and the combination of moisture heat and darkness are the perfect conditions for mold growth.

We will be uploading pics and videos soon showing whats really in your heat pump.

Take care.


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