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Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program

What is it?

The Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program (OHPA) is a government funded program to incentivize Nova Scotians to make the switch from an oil furnace to energy efficient electric heat pumps to keep their home's comfortable all year. The program covers the full average cost of the heat pump installation and any necessary electrical upgrades up to $30,000.

Do I need to pay up front?

While you are required to make upfront payment for the work prior to reimbursement, eligible applicants can fill out an Advanced Payment Form which allows the contractor to bill Efficiency Nova Scotia directly for the first $15,000 associated with the work. In other words, if you planned for $20,000 in upgrades, filling out the Advanced Payment Form would leave the homeowner with a $5,000 upfront payment, with Efficiency Nova Scotia paying the remaining $15,000. The reimbursement of $5,000 would then be returned to the homeowner by Efficiency Nova Scotia within 30-days of the work's completion. The contractor is not responsible for distributing rebates or reimbursements.

Am I eligible?

You might be eligible for huge savings on significant home upgrades! Fill out the form below, and a representative from Clean Air will contact you as soon as possible with your eligibility results.

Don't qualify? Don't worry, you could still be eligible for up to $1000 in rebates when choosing Clean Air as your contractor!

Find out if you are Eligible for the OHPA Program
Does your home have an oil furnace which has used over 500L of oil in the past year?
Is the home older than 6 months?
Are thre any major renovations underway at the home?
Do you own the home and live there full time?
How many residents live in the home?
What is the annual household inome including all residents?

Thanks for submitting! A member of our team will review your submission and reach out with more information soon. All information provided will remain confidential. 

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