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Air Duct

duct and dryer vent cleaning

Ducts and vents play an important role in maintaining the indoor air quality of your home or commercial property, circulating air throughout the building ensuring that what you are breathing in is fresh and safe. Over time, vents and ducts get clogged with dirt, dust, debris or other airborne particles, resulting in unwanted buildup. Cleaning your air ducts regularly will ensure:

  • A high level of air quality throughout your home or commercial property,

  • Maximized energy efficiency,

  • Decreased risk of fire or other internal damage.

Cleaning your dryer vent is equally important to reduce the risk of building damage. A dryer vent carries hot, moist air from your dryer to the outside of the building. Over time, this vent will become clogged with dust and lint, which can lead to a range of problems if left unattended to. Servicing your dryer vent regularly will:

  • Significantly reduce the fire hazard risk within your home or commercial property,

  • Maximize energy efficiency,

  • Reduce the risk of unwanted air backing up into your home.

To have your ducts or vents cleaned and serviced, book an appointment with Clean Air Atlantic today.

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