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For answers to common questions regarding our services, please refer to the information below.

How do I use my Samsung Heat Pump Remote?

The following video will assist you with the functions of the Samsung remote.

Why am I getting a CF code on my Samsung Heat Pump?

The CF (Clean Filter) code is not an indication that anything is wrong with your machine. This is a reminder that it may be time to clean the filters in your machine. To do so, follow the steps in the following video:


How do I clear the CF code from the display?

If you want to clear the CF code from your unit's display, follow the directions below:

1) On your Samsung remote, press the "Options" button until the "Filters" option is displayed.
2) Press the "Set" button on your remote, and the CF code should clear from the display on the unit.

How do I change the remote from Fahrenheit to Celcius?

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